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About 5 years ago, I made a list of 100 places, events, & activities I wanted to achieve within my life – my bucket list. To my surprise, developing the list was harder than I initially imagined. When I initially started, I sat down and started listing out the top things that came to my mind. With this approach, getting to 50 items was a breeze. Then I hit a wall. I then started to segregate them into more focused areas (travel by region, personal, & other experiences). This helped, but getting to the full 100 items took months with lots of research and advice from family, friends, and colleagues.

As I put this list together, it helped me find new experiences and activities, new places to adventure, & new cultures that I had not dreamed of. When it was all said and done, the list included adventures to far off places (including visiting the Taj Majal, attending a Japanese tea ceremony, and tasting wine in Bordeaux France), things closer to home (including driving along California’s Highway 1going to the top of Seattle’s Space Needle, and ice skating at Rockefeller Center), and personal experiences (including getting married on the beach, dancing under the stars, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity).

Highway 1 California beach overlook - The Spectacular Adventurer
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My Bucket List

Every year, I make a goal to review my bucket list, add new ideas, and take away items that are no longer interesting. I also make a point to highlight which adventures I will accomplish within that year. Along the journey, I have had some pretty amazing experiences. I wanted to share my list of adventures as I continue this series into my adventures in hopes that they help inspire you to create your own list of adventures.

My bucket list includes domestic adventures, adventures to far off places and also personal experiences. Below is my complete list:

USA Travel

1. Visit all 50 states

2. Visit the Grand Canyon

3. Drive Highway 1 in California

Highway 1 California ocean overlook - The Spectacular Adventurer
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4. Watch the sun rise on the east coast and set on the west coast

5. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge

6. See the Pueblo cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde

7. Drive through a red wood tree

8. Go whale watching

Orca Whale Watching Seattle

9. Attend the Kentucky Derby

10. Take an Alaskan cruise

11. Go to Yellowstone National Park and watch Old Faithful

12. Skate in Rockefeller Center

13. Go white water rafting in New River Gorge

14. Explore the Hawaiian volcanoes

15. Hike Watkins Glen

16. See live country music in Nashville

17. Take surfing lessons in California

18. Ride to to the top of the Seattle Space Needle

19. Gamble in Vegas

20. Ski the Rocky Mountains

21. Explore historic Charleston

22. Have gumbo in New Orleans and explore the French Quarter

23. See the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC

24. Drink bourbon on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky

Kentucky Bourbon Trail | Bucket List Adventure | The Spectacular Adventurer

25. Walk Boston’s Freedom Trail from start to finish

26. Spend a day in St. Augustine, Florida

27. Visit Mount Rushmore

America’s Travel

28. Hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

29. Kayak through Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay 

30. See Aztec ruins

31. See Christ the Redeemer in Rio

32. Skate on the Ottawa Canals

33. Explore the rainforests of Costa Rica

34. Swim with sea turtles in Barbados

35. Go for a drive in a historic car in Havana, Cuba

36. Canoe in Banff National Park

37. Take a boat through the Panama Canal

Europe Travel

38. Go to Venice for Carnival

39. Take a gondola ride in Venice

40. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany

41. Visit Paris in the summer

7-Day Paris Itinerary | The Spectacular Adventurer

42. Drink Bordeaux Wine in Bordeaux France

43. Taste Champagne in Reims

44. Drive a Porsche on the Autobahn

45. Take a river cruise through Germany

46. Eat Swedish meatballs in Stockholm

47. Attend the Tulip Festival in the Netherlands

48. See the white houses of Santorini

49. Hike the Giants Causeway

50. Explore the Tuscany Hills

Siena, Italy ... Exploring the Tuscan Hills ... The Spectacular Adventurer

51. Float in the dead sea

52. Kayak the fjords in Norway

53. Ski the Alps

Skiing the Alps | Bucket List Adventures | The Spectacular Adventure

54. Drink champagne at Zurich’s Expovina

55. Visit the penguin petting zoo in Salzbergen

56. Go to a European christmas market

57. See the finished La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

58. Take a bike tour through Europe

Asia & Australia Travel

59. Participate in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony in Kyoto, Japan - The Spectacular Adventurer

60. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

61. Go to Thailand

62. See Mount Everest

63. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

64. Explore the Great Wall of China

65. See the Terracotta Warriors in China

66. Explore the side streets of Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan Temple - The Spectacular Adventurer

67. Visit Bali

68. Visit the Maldives

69. See St. Petersburg church in Russia

70. Go to the Holi Festival of Color in India

71. Go to the Moon Festival in Thailand

72. Visit the Taj Mahal in India

Africa Travel

73. Go on a safari in Africa

74. Visit the pyramids in Egypt

75. Take a Nile River Cruise

76. Explore the markets of Morocco


77. Create a travel blog

78. Get married on the beach

79. Speak at a graduation

80. Buy a house

81. Publish a book

82. Travel to every continent

Other Experiences

83. Dance under the stars

84. Climb a mountain

85. Get certified in scuba diving

86. Float down a river in a raft

87. Do yoga on the beach

88. Master cooking of a fancy meal

89. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

90. Have a picnic in the woods

Picnic in the Woods | The Spectacular Adventurer

91. Go hang gliding

92. Attend a food festival

93. See the aurora borealis (northern lights)

94. Take a ballet pointe class

95. Visit an ice castle

96. Find a natural pearl

97. Swim with dolphins

98. Skydive indoors

99. Sail a boat

100. Take a hot air balloon ride

What’s on your bucket list?

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  1. May 20, 2019 / 1:18 pm

    Wow! This is an inspiring list. There are things on there I didn’t know I needed to do.
    My list just got a bit longer, thank you x

    • Liz
      May 20, 2019 / 8:23 pm

      Glad you enjoyed reading! 🙂

  2. Gina
    November 4, 2019 / 8:26 pm

    I started a Bucket List when I was 25 and am now 50. We have many of the same experiences on our lists. I have loved crossing items off over the years and adding new ones. Reading this reminds me that I need to get back to crossing those items off now that my kids do not need me as much anymore.

    Good for you for doing this. I am always encouraging others to do the same.

    • Liz
      November 4, 2019 / 9:09 pm

      I’m so glad to hear this inspired you! It’s so much fun creating a bucket list and going on new adventures to expand your horizons! Hope you have a great next adventure crossing off one of the items on your list! 🙂

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