Summer Bucket List

Every winter, I hope for the day that summer finally arrives. Where I can get outside and do fun activities under the sun. Now that it’s officially summer and the weather is finally starting to get warmer, I wanted to post about the top 10 things I’m planning to do this summer – my summer bucket list. My Summer Bucket List This summer bucket list is comprised of all the fun things I’ve been looking…

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Bucket List Adventures | Driving through the Tuscan Hills

While we were visiting Florence, we decided to take a day trip through the Tuscan hills in Italy. We wanted to explore the medieval countryside, enjoy local Chianti wine, & visit medieval Siena. After our full day of exploring Florence (see here for Part 1 & Part 2), the Tuscan Hills were a great escape to enjoy the views of the surrounding towns. We woke up early to head out & rented a car near…

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Bucket List Adventures | Gondola Rides in Venice

Taking a gondola ride in Venice was one for the first European adventures added to my bucket list 5 years ago. I wanted to experience the luxury, romance and tradition of taking a Venice gondola ride. I wanted to travel through the canals and see the true heart beat of the city. As I mentioned in my recent Travel Guide of Venice, Venice is known for having luxury, glamour, and class at every turn. The…

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Bucket List Adventures | #4 Whale Watching

Whale watching was always something I wanted to do. When I started creating my bucket list a few years back (see here for the complete list) it was one of the first things added to the list (along with going up the Seattle Space Needle). With their sheer size and undeniable grace in the water, whale’s always amazed me. Living in Seattle, we had no excuse not to go whale watching and check it off…

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Bucket List Adventures | My Bucket List

About 5 years ago, I made a list of 100 places, events, & activities I wanted to achieve within my life – my bucket list. To my surprise, developing the list was harder than I initially imagined. When I initially started, I sat down and started listing out the top things that came to my mind. With this approach, getting to 50 items was a breeze. Then I hit a wall. I then started to…

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