Fontainebleau Travel Guide

Fontainebleau is best known for its chateau that was used as a hunting estate for kings throughout the monarchy. It is a quiet little village about an hour and half from downtown Paris. Surrounded by dense forests, the village is a perfect escape from the fast pace of Paris. We decided to rent a car and travel to the village for our last two days of our Paris trip. This Fontainebleau travel guide summarizes where to stay and what to do in the village on a 48 hour stay.

Fontainebleau Chateau | Fontainebleau Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

Fontainebleau Travel Guide

Well off the beaten path and hidden among the forests, this secret gem is such a great place to explore the rich history of France (without the hoards of tourists). This Fontainebleau Travel Guide takes you through our 2 day adventure exploring the quaint village …

Where to Stay

For our trip to Fontainebleau, we decided to stay within the town to make the most of the city. Knowing it was going to be a short stay, we decided to stay in the center of the village at one of the cute local hotels, L’Aigle Noir. This hotel not only had a great location, but the staff and rooms were perfect! The spacious rooms were decorated in modern French country decor which gave it a regal appearance. The staff was very helpful in booking reservations and providing recommendations of what to see within the city.

L'Aigle Noir | Where to Stay in Fontainebleau | The Spectacular Adventurer

Fontainebleau Chateau

Fontainebleau Chateau Grand Staircase | Fontainebleau Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

Our first stop of the day, was visiting the famous Fontainebleau Chateau. This palace was much quieter and less touristy in comparison to Versailles, but equally as stunning! The beautiful grounds and gardens were a perfect retreat to explore.

Fontainebleau Chateau Gardens | Fontainebleau Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

Taking a tour of the famous chateau, the inside was equally as beautiful. Covered in silk tapestries and painted ceilings, the tour outlined the history and development of the estate. From King Louis to Napoleon, the Fontainebleau Chateau grew in size and appearances.

Fontainebleau Chateau Galleries | The Spectacular Adventurer

My favorite rooms were the galleries (that had hidden doors at every turn) and the thrown room (the only remaining throne room not destroyed during the French Revolution). All the rooms were extremely lavish from the ceiling, floors, walls, and furniture.

Exploring the Forests & Village

Surrounding the village are extensive forests that have great walking and running paths. After the chateau, we explored the beautiful forests and walked among the ancient trees and ferns. The walk reminded us of being in a fairy tale at every turn.

Fontainebleau Carousel | Fontainebleau France | The Spectacular Adventurer

Returning back to the town, we walked along the quaint streets. We stopped along the way to window shop, admire the beautiful carousel, and take in life in the town.

Local Cuisine

To end our day in Fontainebleau (and our last night in France), we wanted to experience a local meal. We choose to go with a traditional multi-course meal that had local specialities including sugar beets, Foie gras, and local beef dishes. It was a great final dinner on our trip in France!

Departing France

Waking up on our last day in Paris, we had breakfast in the hotel (such an amazing spread!). We then went for a walk in the chateau gardens before grabbing our car and heading to the Paris airport. It was a perfect end to our trip to Paris!

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  1. November 26, 2019 / 6:26 am

    Ah thanks for this! Was thinking of doing Fountainbleu along with a few other trips when I’m Paris again for work! Also, that food looks lush!

    • Liz
      November 28, 2019 / 10:00 am

      Fontainebleau was such a perfect off the beaten path destination! Highly recommend 🙂

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