The Ultimate Paris Travel Guide

Paris, the city of lights, is one of the most romantic cities in all of the world. Between strolling the Seine River, taking in the cafe culture, or enjoying the architecture throughout the city, it’s easy to get swept away in the atmosphere and lights. With so much to see and do, it helps having a few things set aside to enjoy during a Paris visit. This Paris Travel Guide helps highlight some of the amazing things the city has to offer.

Eiffel Tower | Paris Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

Paris Travel Guide

This Paris travel guide offers where to stay, how to get into Paris, & the top 10 things to do in Paris …

Where to Stay in Paris

Similar to most of my city guides, we chose to stay in the heart of city center. There are so many cute little boutique hotels throughout the city and we found such a perfect one to stay at – Bourgogne et Montana Hotel. It was nestled on a quiet side street between the Champs-Elysées and the Tuileries Gardens making it within walking distance to all of the best sites in Paris. The spacious rooms were impeccably decorated in French decor. Also, the staff was helpful in arranging dinners and helped us make the most of our time in Paris.

Bourgogne et Montana Hotel | Paris Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

How to Get To Paris

We arrived in Paris through the Charles de Gaulle International Airport. This made it really easy to get to downtown Paris by taking the train that leaves from the airport. We bought our tickets at the airport and hopped on the next train for downtown. As an alternative, Uber and taxis are also available in Paris and are easy to find at the airport to get to the downtown city center.

Paris City Skyline with the Eiffel Tower | Top 10 Things to do in Paris | The Spectacular Adventurer

Top 10 Things to Do in Paris

There is so much to do in Paris that you can spend a full week exploring the city and still leave without seeing all the sites. These are my 10 favorite things to do in city of lights …

See the Eiffel Tower

One of the most iconic sights in all of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Build for the World’s Fair in 1889, the tower stands as one of the largest buildings in downtown Paris. Taking a trip to the top of the tower is essential for any visit to Paris (~25 Euro for adults), but so is seeing the tower sparkle at night! Every evening starting at sundown, the tower lights up. On every hour, these lights turn into a radiant display of flashing lights. This is a magical experience!

Stroll through the Arc de Triomphe to the Champs-Elysées …

For a perfect early morning walk in Paris, start at the Arc de Triomphe and stroll along the Champs-Elysées. Built in the 19th century, the archway stands at the epicenter of some of the busiest streets in Paris. Climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe is a great way to see the city with views of the Eiffel Tower. Continuing on the Champs-Elysées, enjoy the windows of famous fashion designers. Stop for the best macrons at Laduree or hot chocolate at Angelina’s.

Champs Elysees | Paris Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

Browse the artisan work under the shadows of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre …

Montmartre is known for being a haven for artisans. Every day in the local square many artisans come out to showcase their work. Grab lunch at a cafe near the square and watch as these artists create new works under the Sacre Coeur church.

View art at the Louvre Muséum

Paris is known for having some of the best art museums in the world and none is more famous than the Louvre (~17 Euro). With its sprawling 3 wings, there is so much art to see that it can take multiple days to see all the exhibits. Any visit to the Louvre’s though would not be complete without seeing the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Pyramid/Inverted Pyramid.

Louvre Museum Pyramid | Paris Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

Enjoy the architecture of Notre Dame

No trip to Paris would be complete without visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. Even with all the damage caused by the tragic fire earlier this year, the cathedral is stunning to visit. Built in the 1100s, the cathedral is the embodiment of gothic architecture. The bell towers, gargoyles and carving along the building make it such a beautiful building. Stop by one of the creperies in the area and enjoy taking in the views of the cathedral.

Listen to a concert in Sainte Chapelle Cathedral …

Sainte Chapelle is one of my favorite cathedrals to visit in all of the world. The small church built in the 13th century has the most intricate and exquisite stain glass that sparkles in the light. At least weekly, there are concerts at the cathedral. You can take in the chapel while listening to some amazing music by a string quartet.

Sainte Chapelle Cathedral Stained Glass | Top 10 Things to do in Paris France | The Spectacular Adventurer

Get Lost in the Tuileries Gardens …

In downtown Paris right near the Louvre are the Tuileries Gardens. They are a great break from the sites of the city and a perfect place to wonder and relax along the gardens and fountains.

See Monet’s Water Lillies at Musee de L’Orangerie

Close to the Tuileries Gardens is my favorite art museum of Paris – Musee de L’Orangerie. Inside this small gallery are Claude Monet’s famous Water Lilies. They are spread out in 2 main galleries that were specifically built for the purposes of displaying these amazing paintings. Spending a morning enjoying the beauty in the peaceful space is a perfect way to start off a day in Paris.

Musee de L'Orangerie Monet's Water Lilies | Paris Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

Eat at local cafes & brasseries …

No trip to Paris would be complete, without enjoying the amazing cafe culture of Paris. Whether it’s a morning cafe or evening brasserie, these restaurants throughout the city are a great way to taste local cuisine. There outside atmosphere also allows you to experience the city unlike any other place.

Shop at the Galeries Lafayette

Paris is known for its high fashion. Throughout the city there are amazing boutiques to shop at, but my favorite is the Galeries Lafayette. This flagship store has multiple stories to explore from high end fashion to souvenirs from Paris. The best part of the store is the amazing stain glass vaulted ceiling.

Galeries Lafayette | Paris Travel Guide | The Spectacular Adventurer

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