How to Style a Straw Purse

One of my favorite summer accessories is this Straw circle purse (under $25)! It’s such a fun shape and the straw details are perfect for the hot days of summer. It instantly makes me think of tropical locations and the beach. Recently, I’ve been wearing this purse with everything because it’s so perfect for everyday. This post outline’s some of my favorite ways on how to style a straw purse. Why I love this straw…

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What to see at the Cincinnati Zoo

One of my favorite things to do in Cincinnati is visit the Cincinnati Zoo. Every time I am home from an adventure, I love to stop by and explore (remember my post from February all about the zoo?). As one of the best zoo’s in the US, the garden’s, exhibits, & animals are spectacular! This guide outlines what to see at the Cincinnati Zoo for a fun day of exploring … Zoo Logistics The zoo…

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How to Style a Preppy Romper

Summer is fully underway for the year with high heat & sunshine! The best part about summer (besides being able to do fun outdoor things … see my top 10 summer bucket list items here) is being able to wear shorts, rompers, & dresses again! Luckily for this summer too, I found the best romper (under $60 too!) which is perfect for summer days! This is my guide on how to style a preppy romper…

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Fresh Spring Style

Returning to Cincinnati from Italy was bitter sweet – on one hand, it feels great to be home, but on the other, we miss Italy (if you missed our adventure, visit here)! I knew when we came home, I would want to mix up my normal style for a fresh spring style. So on the plane back home, I decided I wanted to chop off my hair to a long bob and try some new…

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What to Wear in Rome

I love visiting Italy in the spring time, especially Rome. With the trees in bloom and new growth starting to pop out, it is a great time to explore without the summer heat (see my Rome travel guide for some fun ideas in the city)! However, packing for this time of year can be challenging as mornings are a bit cool and during the day it warms up. To help with this, I try to…

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